Hebron Preservation Society

    Some Past HPS Programs

  • The Life and Death of Jane McCrea, presented by Paul McCarty
  • The Past, Present, and Future of Chestnuts at Breadtree Farms
  • First Nations—The History and Traditions of the Indigenous People of the Greenwich-Easton Area
  • ABC's of the American Revolution in Washington County
  • Tour of historic buildings in the Town of Hebron
  • History of the Old Belcher Church presented by Dr. Glenn Long
  • "When This Cruel War is Over" presented by Charles Vavrina, PhD
  • Hudson River Highway Presentation and Discussion. Presenter: Charlie Duveen
  • Reenactor Presents First-Person Narrative of Private William Glasier
  • Thinking about Teaching: A Rural Social Studies Teacher's Path to Strive for Relevance
    Presenter: Dr. Casey Jakubowski
  • Hartford Museum and Civil War Enlistment Center Special Program
    Presenter: Town Historian, Mike Armstrong
  • Preserving the Best of Hebron, Preparing for Future Challenges
    Presenters: Michelle Louy & Bill Throop
  • Hartford Museum and Civil War Enlistment Center Special Program.
    Presenter: Historian, Mike Armstrong
  • 123rd New York Volunteer Infantry. Presenter Charles Vavrina, PhD.
  • Thinking about Teaching: A Rural Social Studies Teacher's Path to Strive for Relevance.
    Presenter: Dr. Casey Jakubowski
  • Stewardship through Land Conservation and Community Engagement
  • Presentation and talk by longtime reenactor Terry Glasier
  • A History of the Belcher Store. Speaker: Ken Talkington.
  • Changes in Agriculture. Speaker: Meg Southerland (Gardenworks)
  • Wool through the Years. Speaker: Diane Baker
  • Activity: A Tour of Historic Highlights in Hebron
  • Speaker: John Katz (author)
  • Activity: Ginny Sword on Basketmaking, including a display of her work.
  • Ice Harvesting. Speaker: Harold Craig
  • Activity: Historic House Tour
  • About Oxen. Speaker: Herbert Trumbley and Philip Ackerman-Leist.
  • Civil War Surgery. Speaker: Charlie Wright (Civil War Re-enactor)
  • Using Smokehouses. Speaker: Keith Truesdale
  • Winters in the mid-18th Century. Speaker: Paul Loding, former president of the Washington County Historical Society.
  • Hebron Wildlife Through the Ages. Speaker: Bob Henke (Supervisor for Argyle)
  • Large animal populations and their care in the past and today. Speaker: Dr. John McDermott (Granville Large Animal Veterinary)
  • The Agricultural Stewardship Association and the process for establishing a conservation. Speakers: John Underwood and Teri Ptacek
  • From Founders to Farmers: An Archeologist’s View of 19th Century Homes in the Hudson Valley. Speaker: Dr. Eugene J. Boesch (senior archaeologist for historic preservation)
  • The D&H Railroad, 1823 to 1990. Speaker: Mark Urbaetis.
  • Slate Roofing. Speaker Eric Braymer.
  • Early barns of Washington County. Speaker: William Krattinger (program analyst for the National Register of Historic Places).
  • Presentation on artist Flora Lakes, born in Hebron in 1877 and who has been called the “Grandma Moses of Hebron.” Speaker: Sally Brillon
  • Presentation: Three-year barn restoration project. Speaker: Ralph Kreuger
  • Presentation: Friends of the Washington County Grasslands IBA Inc. Speaker: Lori LaFond, Director. (A nonprofit land trust that raises awareness and conserves habitat for endangered short eared owls and other grassland birds).
  • Activity and demonstration: Sheep shearing and discussion of cheesemaking. Speaker: Jody Somers
  • Knife crafting. Speaker: Jordan LaMothe
  • Hemp farming. Speaker: Iris Rogers
  • Days of Belcher. Speaker: Marvin Day
  • Farming Today. Speaker: Meg Southerland
  • Early Air Warning System During World War II. Speaker: Ralph Krueger
  • Through Susan’s Eyes, A Presentation about Susan B. Anthony. Speaker: Debi Craig
  • Hebron Cemeteries. Speakers: Tom Rogers and Charlie Duveen
  • Activity: Ice Cream Social at the Schoolhouse